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February 28, 2024

Three pulse-pounding romantic suspense stories that will have our heroes winning your heart and leave you on the edge of your seats, yearning for more.

Defended by a Hero
A tenacious reporter chasing a serial killer clashes with the police detective keeping her from her answers.

Driven to recover the fragmented memories of her past, reporter Jordan Munro pursues a lead tying her own abduction to that of a local teenager. But getting close to the latest victim means going through his older brother—Detective Lee Carmichael—her ex-lover.

When his kid brother is rescued from the clutches of a serial killer, Lee shields him from the relentless investigation that follows. Wrestling with guilt over past mistakes, Lee fights his desire for Jordan, to preserve his brother’s fragile recovery.

But when Jordan asks to question his brother, Lee’s response is immediate and emphatic—Hell, no!

Rescued by a Hero
A mother determined to find her daughter and her FBI agent ex-lover get a second chance at love...if the killer doesn't get them first.

Dan Cooper, former special agent of the FBI, has been plagued by the disappearance of Bree McKenney for three long years. It was the case that derailed the trajectory of his career. It was the one time he blurred the lines and let his feelings get in the way of his job.

He made a mistake… A mistake that may have cost a child her life.

Rebecca McKenney knew the meaning of unconditional love the moment she held her baby girl in her arms. But that joy was stolen from her when Bree vanished without a trace. For three torturous years, Rebecca has been caught in a spiral of despair.

And then, a chilling vision of Bree suggests…her daughter might still be alive.

Shielded by a Hero
In a city held captive by a serial arsonist, a firefighter risks it all for a woman he shouldn’t trust.

Fifteen years ago, flames decimated Lily’s past, claiming her father, and altering the course of her life forever. Now, the fires plaguing the city haunt her, drawing her into a dangerous dance with nightmares she’s determined to forget.

But the arsonist won’t allow that.

As fires erupt across the city, Drew McCade, a seasoned firefighter, is pulled into a vortex of passion and peril. Torn between duty and desire, when the evidence mounts against Lily, he discovers that not every blaze is as simple as it seems.

And not every victim wants to be saved.

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