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March 15, 2021

I chose the man I want to be with... the universe disagrees.

Access to the Fae Realm has been lost for centuries, so when my brother mates the mythical phoenix and becomes part of the Guardian Quint, things get interesting. Their destiny is to reestablish the portal gate and unite the realms. I tag along for the ride.

I'm used to living in the shadow of my family.

My father and mother are the late Fae Prime and his Prima, my brother the new king. I'm nothing as grand as them. I'm the daughter, the sister, the liaison between Kotah and the life of rule he never wanted. I know who I am though and have my own strengths. I also have a certain someone I have my heart set on.

Until him...

With two realms uniting and bursting with possibility, my world is shattered with a Dark Curse.

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