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Novemeber 30, 2021

The rebellion has started. The goblins are coming for us. My time to prepare is over.

The battle for the Dornte crown has begun and we're not ready. Ruic Breard has an army, a stockpile of weapons from the Human Realm, and the knowledge that the Amberloq force consists of two Elbirfae warriors, and me. Go team!

What our enemies don't know is that Dune, Tundra, and I have a support network behind us... the Phoenix Quint, the Thornebane Quad, and most importantly, my wildcard mates, Lukas and Shadow.

Oh, and don't forget sweet Moonshade.

To win this struggle for power and control once and for all, and to save the Dornte quadrant from another reign of tyranny, my mates and I have to unite and embrace our shared destiny as Guardians of the Crown.

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