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Guardians of the Fae Realms

Monsters, Magic, and Mates I never knew existed.

Kia versus power pole isn't the end I expect—it's the beginning of... gawd, where do I begin? 
Four wildly sexy males. Powers I don't understand. And the eyes of the fae world on me as the person to unite the severed realms. No pressure.

*This is book one in a steamy new reverse harem paranormal romance series. Expect sexy polyamorous situations (mmmfm), rollicking action, ongoing storylines, and shifter lovers who find what they need from not only their queen but each other as well. Med-burn, med angst, vivid sexual content and language.*Trigger Warning: This book mentions past teen abuse.

Guardians of the Fae Realms

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Watchers of the Gray

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The Scourge Survivor Series


Aliens of Atlantis

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In the Shadow

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